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Special needs

The special needs program is for all young children being challenged in some way. This class will have no more than 6 students enrolled in each class, so that each child is uniquely cared for and taught.

Our program will not be under NDIS and will be a private program for parents wanting to do something different for their child.

The literacy and mindfulness program will be combined in this class and taught in a way that your child will learn, no matter what their challenge is.

We hope to make their next stages of transitioning to school just that little bit more simpler for you and your child. Both educators on site have completed studies in the area of special needs.

English as a Second Language

We are working on introducing classes for students who are struggling to learn the English language as a second language. This will be a great, fun-filled way for kids from other backgrounds, to start learning and improving their English and make new friends.

What Our Families are Saying

Interactive and engaging

“Anita and Daniela at Shining Minds Early Years are both fabulous, passionate educators.
The program offered is fun, interactive and engaging! I love how children are encouraged to take risks with their learning. Children belong to a safe environment where their is a real sense of community! It’s all about school readiness! It mostly encourages children to listen to each other and focus on a task before they commence their primary school life!” – Clara Privitera

A nurturing approach

“Experienced and friendly educators with a firm understanding of the preschool age group. Shining Minds have a nurturing approach to teaching young children and make every child feel special and important. Highly recommend Shining Minds Early years!” – Michelle Grillo

Helped with school readiness

“Thank you for offering such a nurturing space where children can explore language & literacy in a fun filled and stimulating environment. We enrolled my son in the hope he would learn the fundamentals he needed for school. We can honestly say this program has helped with school readiness and the educators at Shining Minds Early Years are fantastic, they have nurtured his confidence and we are delighted.” – Kate Jayne