Creative Minds Classes

75-minute School Readiness class for 4-6 year-olds

School Readiness classes for 4-6 year-olds

Our classes for 4-6 year-olds prepares your child for their transition to school by being more structured, yet still having fun the entire time. Your child will learn to read, write, and do maths.

Your child will be ahead of the rest and will enjoy their prep year so much more. We give your child the tools to take with them in their early years by making them mindful, resilient, beings, and teach them how to deal with different emotions they will feel in school. Our approach shows children how to enjoy learning, make new friends, and be ready for the school classroom.

The classes are 75-minutes in length and are designed to be a fun, engaging, and multi-sensory experience whilst still being educational.

Literacy uses a fun and evidence based program that focuses on the important skills children need to get ready for reading and writing and to excel in their school years.

Children explore numeracy in a hands-on, multi-sensory way, to give them a successful introduction to maths. When they enter school they will have the confidence to excel further in their learning.

A program that equips children with the skills to bring awareness to their whole-self to help them reduce anxiety, deal with their emotions and build emotional resilience.

Creative Minds class Fees 2022

Your child can start with Shining Minds Early Years at any stage throughout the year and you will only be charged for the remaining weeks of the term.

We allow a single trial class for $20.

When your child enrols they will receive a FREE resource pack!

Class structure

With a maximum group size of 8 students, led by a dedicated educator plus an assistant, your child gets the personal attention they need and deserve.

Once you have enrolled, your child will remain in the same group for the remainder of the year or unless we are notified by you of any changes.

Payment is required before the next term commences. Once you have paid, your child is automatically enrolled in the class group you selected.

Program Length: 38 weeks
Class duration: 75 minutes
Class attendance: 1 class per week
Commencement: Your child can join at any time

Starts: 07th February
Ends: 8th April
Cost: $342
Length:  9 weeks

Starts: 26th April(Tue)
Ends: 18th June
Cost: $304
Length:  8 weeks

Starts: 11th July
Ends: 16th September
Cost: $420
Length: 10 weeks

Starts: 03rd October
Ends: 09th December
Cost: $420
Length: 10 weeks


Free resource pack

Literacy Numeracy Resources pack

To help our little Creative Minds get into the learning groove we provide the Creative Minds Resource Pack valued at $30 for FREE when you book into our Creative Minds class. 

-Shining Minds Early Years carry bag
-Scrap book to keep all weekly work in
-Drink bottle
-Pencil case
-Pencil grip
-Access to ‘Little Learners Love Literacy’ take home readers

Milo the Monkey Story books are available for purchase in our shop. 

What Our Families are Saying

Interactive and engaging

“Anita and Daniela at Shining Minds Early Years are both fabulous, passionate educators.
The program offered is fun, interactive and engaging! I love how children are encouraged to take risks with their learning. Children belong to a safe environment where their is a real sense of community! It’s all about school readiness! It mostly encourages children to listen to each other and focus on a task before they commence their primary school life!” – Clara Privitera

A nurturing approach

“Experienced and friendly educators with a firm understanding of the preschool age group. Shining Minds have a nurturing approach to teaching young children and make every child feel special and important. Highly recommend Shining Minds Early years!” – Michelle Grillo

Helped with school readiness

“Thank you for offering such a nurturing space where children can explore language & literacy in a fun filled and stimulating environment. We enrolled my son in the hope he would learn the fundamentals he needed for school. We can honestly say this program has helped with school readiness and the educators at Shining Minds Early Years are fantastic, they have nurtured his confidence and we are delighted.” – Kate Jayne