When my child starts Shining Minds what do they need to bring and what do they get?
A bottle of water is all they will need, no food required.
If they are in the Pre Prep class they need to bring their Shining Minds Tote bag and scrap book which we give them on their first day.
Why is this program beneficial for my child before they start school?

Our program is beneficial for all children as it teaches your child to be a confident learner. We believe that if your child begins school having the basic skills on Literacy and Numeracy it can make a great difference to how they feel as a learner and how easily they settle into their new school routine and what is expected of them.

Can I stay with my child in the Creative Minds class?

We are more than happy for you to stay but we recommend your leave your child with us, so they can learn to be independent learners. This will benefit them for when they get to school and make the transitions much easier for you both.

Will they be bored in their first year of starting school?
No, not at all, in fact they will be eager to learn new things including routines and feel very confident in learning.
Do you support students with special needs?
Absolutely! The approach is language-based, multi-sensory, structured and sequential. Most importantly, the approach is flexible, ensuring genuine learning, rather than rote learning.
When do I pay?
Payment is required at the time of enrolment to secure your child’s place.
What is your cancellation policy?
We do not offer refunds. Once you have booked in for the term.
Please email learn@shiningmindsearlyyears.com.au if you would like to cancel your child’s enrolment.
Can I enrol my child mid-term?
Yes you can begin with us anytime throughout the year.
Does Shining Minds have any rescources for sale that my child can use at home?
Yes, we definitely do. Check out our shop on our website.
What happens in a trial Class?
You and your child stay so you can determine whether this program is right for your child. A teacher will chat with you throughout the session, so you can understand what is happening.
Are there classes on the school holidays?
No lessons run on school holidays or public holidays. You will not be charged for those days.
Are the teachers qualified?

All Educators at Shining Minds are either qualified primary teachers, kindergarten teachers, Education Support, extensively trained in the Shining Minds Program and hold a current Working with Children check.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or would like to discuss your child’s individual needs.

My child has a speech delay. Can Shining Minds classes help?
Definitely they can!
Firstly in a small class of 8 means more time is able to be given to your child, giving them the attention they need and deserve.
Children with speech and language delays often find it hard with literacy skills as well. If a child finds it difficult to pronounce or understand speech sounds they will most likely find it difficult to read and write those sounds as well. Later on in their school years, this can become a real issue if not addressed early enough. It will mean the child will struggle to understand text or struggle putting ideas into writing which make sense. The skills we teach in our classes with the sounds of letters are essential for reading and helping with any speech issues.
Will I have the same educator throughout the program?
Yes, you will have the same educator throughout the year.
What are your locations?
Our locations currently are:
South Morang
We have expressions of interest on our enrol tab if you wish to register a suburb.
How long are your classes?
Twinkle Tots is 30 minutes
Creative Minds is 75 minutes
How much does it cost?
The Twinke Tots (2-3) class is $20 per lesson
The Creative Minds (4-6) class is $38 per lesson
The terms are paid for in advance, approximately 8-10 weeks per term as per the Victorian school terms.
What do you do with children who are not comfortable with leaving their parent to attend the Creative Minds Class?

At the start you are welcome to stay with your child, until they feel secure about you leaving. We are trained professionals who will ensure your child is safe and secure, as well as having fun at all times. We will have your contact details, if they prefer you to come back.

What do you do with children who are not comfortable with leaving their parent to attend the Twinkle tots class?

All parents should stay for the Twinkle tots class. If you prefer to just drop your child off as you have a sibling with you, this is absolutely fine too. If your child has a sibling that needs to attend the class with you, they are most welcome to sit quietly in the lesson on their own with some toys. However we cant allow them to join in the class, as it will upset other parents. If they become noisy, you will need to take them out of the class, so as not to distract the other children’s learning.