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Why numeracy is important in early childhood development

Numeracy, is the recognition, understanding, and use of mathematics and having the capabilities to use mathematics to achieve a goal whether in personal, school, or work situations. 

For children, developing numeracy skills early gives them a foundation for learning how to use mathematics in everyday life, for problem-solving and making informed decisions using mathematical concepts and data. 

In early childhood, children start developing ‘number sense’ at as young as 6 months of age. It is important that this innate capacity to learn is fostered with plenty of practice to make the understanding of more complex mathematical concepts that will be introduced in the school years easier. 

Children enter school with a wide range of early numeracy skills but they vary greatly in how they acquire, and how quickly they acquire, different concepts (Klibanoff, Levine, Huttenlocher, Vasilyeva, & Hedges, 2006; Kroesbergen, Van Luit, Van Lieshout, Van Loosbroek, & Van de Rijt, 2009).  

Children’s informal number sense when they enter school provides a foundation for their school mathematics achievement and strongly predicts their maths competence later in school (Geary, 2015). More on these studies can be found here.

Shining Minds Early Years Numeracy Program

Our program has been specially crafted to give your child this opportunity through our lesson programs, as well as incursions program for daycares and ELCs. 

The numeracy program with Shining Minds Early Years seeks to support your child’s numeracy development through teaching them numeracy concepts with plenty of practical lessons in a fun and dynamic nature. 

We find that SMEY children love to learn maths and are entertained throughout the lesson, and feel proud of their achievements as they start grasping new concepts.


When my child starts Shining Minds what do they need to bring and what do they get?

They need to bring their bottle of water and their snack ? NO NUTS
They also need to bring their Shining Minds Tote bag and scrap book which we give them on their first day.

What attention do you give for children who are finding it difficult to separate from their parent at the start of joining the Program?

We would prefer if you leave for your child to get the most out of the program. You will appreciate that the children find it overwhelming when they have a lots of eyes watching over them. However, you are most welcome to stay for the first 15 minutes, especially to support your child in feeling comfortable on their own.
You can then go and have a coffee or go shopping or for a walk. We will call you at any time we feel your child is distressed for you to come back. We want both you and your child to feel confident with them staying in class by themselves.

Why is a literacy program beneficial for my child before they start school?

Your child is introduced to a classroom with little tables and chairs and is socialised with other children in a learning environment.
Your child will be taught the Alphabet names and their sounds and how to blend, segment and decode words.
We read our Little Learner Readers and trace the Capital and Lower Case letters of the Alphabet.
Your child will begin school with knowledge on how to read words and sentences as well as know how to use a book.
This is one less problem for them when they begin school, therefore they can focus on all the other things they need to learn in Term One and feel confident in Literacy.

Will they be bored in their first year of starting school?

No, not at all, in fact they will be eager to learn new things including routines and feel very confident in Literacy.

Do you support students with special needs?

Absolutely! The approach is language-based, multi-sensory, structured and sequential. ?Most importantly, the approach is flexible, ensuring genuine learning, rather than rote learning.

When do I pay?

Payment is required at the time of enrolment to secure your child’s place.

What is your cancellation policy?

We do not offer refunds. Once you have booked in for the term.
Please email learn@shiningmindsearlyyears.com.au if you would like to cancel your child’s enrolment.

Are the teachers qualified?

All Educators at Shining Minds are either qualified primary teachers,?kindergarten teachers,?Education Support, extensively trained in the Shining Minds Program and hold a current Working with Children check.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or would like to discuss your child’s individual needs.

Can I enrol my child mid-term?

Yes you can. 

What Our Families are Saying

Interactive and engaging

“Anita and Daniela at Shining Minds Early Years are both fabulous, passionate educators.
The program offered is fun, interactive and engaging! I love how children are encouraged to take risks with their learning. Children belong to a safe environment where their is a real sense of community! It’s all about school readiness! It mostly encourages children to listen to each other and focus on a task before they commence their primary school life!” – Clara Privitera

A nurturing approach

“Experienced and friendly educators with a firm understanding of the preschool age group. Shining Minds have a nurturing approach to teaching young children and make every child feel special and important. Highly recommend Shining Minds Early years!” – Michelle Grillo

Helped with school readiness

“Thank you for offering such a nurturing space where children can explore language & literacy in a fun filled and stimulating environment. We enrolled my son in the hope he would learn the fundamentals he needed for school. We can honestly say this program has helped with school readiness and the educators at Shining Minds Early Years are fantastic, they have nurtured his confidence and we are delighted.” – Kate Jayne