Mindfulness Incursions for the Early Years

Join our 4 week program!

Bring 30 Minutes of Mindfulness to your classroom.


Why is this a needed program?

Allows Early Years educators to help grow and further develop a child’s mindfulness practice in specific areas of social interactions, emotional development, in a fun way.

How does mindfulness help children?

Young children often struggle to manage their emotions. It takes awareness, and practice. This program helps children to deal with their emotional resilience, so they are better equipped to deal with the day to day stresses and helps them to prepare for school years.

How do our incursions work?

In our first 2 weeks we focus on their senses and their whole self. We also introduce creating techniques using different strategies.

In the following two weeks, we teach them about their Emotions and Feelings and how to express themselves. We promote Kindness, Teamwork and Anti bulling behaviours.

Our program is also in line with EYLF  and the NQF.






Watch our video to see more- .

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“The Shining Minds Early Years incursion program is such an amazing investment for the children at our early learning centre. The children all benefit from an educational and emotional perspective, and our teachers and children all value and look forward to this unique program each week.”
Jess, St Helena Early Learning

“Our Kindergarten children took part in the four week Mindfulness program run by Shining Minds Early Years.Each week the children were excited to see the ladies walk into start the program and still talk about the different practices that they learnt through the program. I highly recommend the Mindfulness Program, it was engaging, interactive, and age appropriate. Each week the children were able to reflect on what they had learnt the week before allow them to gain a greater understanding of the materials being taught to them. As Educators we have included some of their practices into our Educational Programs and will continue to do so. Thank you for teaching not only the Children but the Educators as well.”

Nicole,  4 year old Kindergarten Teacher /  Little Flyers Doreen





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What Our Families are Saying

Interactive and engaging

“Anita and Daniela at Shining Minds Early Years are both fabulous, passionate educators.
The program offered is fun, interactive and engaging! I love how children are encouraged to take risks with their learning. Children belong to a safe environment where their is a real sense of community! It’s all about school readiness! It mostly encourages children to listen to each other and focus on a task before they commence their primary school life!” – Clara Privitera

A nurturing approach

“Experienced and friendly educators with a firm understanding of the preschool age group. Shining Minds have a nurturing approach to teaching young children and make every child feel special and important. Highly recommend Shining Minds Early years!” – Michelle Grillo

Helped with school readiness

“Thank you for offering such a nurturing space where children can explore language & literacy in a fun filled and stimulating environment. We enrolled my son in the hope he would learn the fundamentals he needed for school. We can honestly say this program has helped with school readiness and the educators at Shining Minds Early Years are fantastic, they have nurtured his confidence and we are delighted.” – Kate Jayne